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Try to find efficiencies around the kitchen

Working in a restaurant can mean spending long hours standing, ultimately having an effect on your feet and joints. While anti-fatigue mats can rubber-soled shoes can help, because they both reduce the strain placed on joints while standing on hard … Continue reading

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With restaurant safety comes awareness training

Working in a restaurant is a fast-paced environment where workers need to always be on their feet and attending to customers while checking in with the kitchen. It’s common for the workspace to be lined with fatigue mats, not only … Continue reading

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Keeping night shift workers healthy

Shift work remains common employment for many in the country. It means long hours on your feet and frequently running around. While anti-fatigue mats can help, because they provide a cushion that helps ease pressure on the joints, they’re not … Continue reading

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When it comes to working, is it better to sit or stand?

There have been numerous studies on working long hours and trying to combat worker fatigue and reduce pain. However, there’s an important balancing aspect that many workers may feel can be challenging – finding time to both sit and stand … Continue reading

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