When it comes to working, is it better to sit or stand?

Anti-fatigue mats can help ease the burden of standing.

There have been numerous studies on working long hours and trying to combat worker fatigue and reduce pain. However, there’s an important balancing aspect that many workers may feel can be challenging – finding time to both sit and stand during the day. It’s not good to stay in one position all day, so change is important.

Safety and Health Magazine reports that finding a balance is important to keep any health conditions associated with prolonged sitting and standing at bay. Because there have been studies that have found benefits or drawbacks to both, it makes sense to have a combination. If you spend the majority of your day sitting, try to get up and go for walks or stand and stretch throughout the day. Vice versa, jobs that require you to be on your feet most of the day means you should take time to sit and catch a breather.

No matter what position you’re in most of the day, you can take extra steps to ensure comfort. Family Health Trust reports anti-fatigue mats can help make standing more comfortable, because the rubber helps reduce pressure on the joints and makes it more comfortable to stand for long periods of time.

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Work to combat employee fatigue in the warehouse

Anti-fatigue mats can help ease pain at work.

Worker fatigue is a very real problem, particularly in professions where people need to be on their feet for most of the day. Anti-fatigue mats can help, as they cushion the pressure joints typically feel on hard surfaces from standing. However, it’s important to ensure that fatigue isn’t having too strong of an effect on your workforce.

Material Handling and Logistics reports it’s critical for warehouse managers to look at the fatigue levels of their employees and make sure no one is slipping. Warehouse employees and manufacturers alike are typically at risk for experiencing fatigue while on the job, given the labor requirements and hours. The news provider suggests monitoring productivity levels of workers doing the same tasks and see where it starts to dip off. With the latest in technology innovations, it’s easier to monitor to see how employees are performing throughout the day.

The National Institutes of Health reports worker fatigue can actually affect your bottom line, as employees who are tired may increase their chances of making a mistake and then injuring themselves on the job, resulting in missed work and compensation. It behooves managers to pay attention to employee fatigue levels and keep them in check.

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Working shouldn’t lead to chronic pain

Anti-fatigue mats can be a source of comfort.

It’s common for people who spend a lot of their time at work to find themselves dealing with chronic pain. Being in the same position for long periods of time, whether sitting or standing, can have an effect on their overall comfort. However, there are things you can do to help ease your comfort while at work. For example, standing on an anti-fatigue mat while at work can ease pressure on your joints, ultimately helping you stand for longer periods.

There are other things you can do to help relieve tension in your joints and muscles. Psychology Today suggests taking breaks to get moving. Exercise can help you gain muscle strength, ultimately helping you deal with chronic pain. However, with exercise you also want to make sure you are relaxing, as too much can ultimately lead to strain.

WebMD reports that you need to make sure you change your position once an hour at work, even if it’s just a quick break. This can help prevent lower back pain, a common source of discomfort for many people. During your breaks, you can also take the time to stretch any areas that are bothering you after a full day of working in the same position.

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Thing you can do to keep work pain at bay

Anti-fatigue mats can help ease pressure on the joints.

It’s common for people to experience pain while on the job. If you’re doing repetitive tasks or find yourself sitting or standing in the same position for hours at a time, it’s easy for aches and pains to creep up. Anti-fatigue mats can help for standing, as the rubber helps ease the pressure put on the joints, but there are other things you can do to keep pain at bay.

According to Everyday Health, good posture is important for reducing the amount of pain you’re experiencing. It’s easy to hunch when you’re standing for hours at a time, so you want to make sure you push your shoulders back so you’re not slouching and keeping the curve in your back strong.

The news provider also suggests taking stretching breaks to help keep the body limber and avoid getting stuck in the same position. You can even stretch in place if you’re unable to take a break.

The Mayo Clinic reports above all else, you should listen to what your body is trying to tell you. If you continue to experience discomfort in the same position, try to switch up your day to day, or try and stretch to help with the tension.

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