Add your logo and personality to your lobby

Are you showing off your logo and brand colors?
Are you showing off your logo and brand colors?

When decorating your office, a lot of thought should go into the kind of ambiance you want to evoke. You want to greet people as soon as they enter, so be sure to purchase a logo mat that lets people know where they right when they walk in the door.

First impressions are everything. According to Entrepreneur, people can make up their mind within a couple of seconds of entering your office. Whether it’s potential clients or employees, you want to make sure you have a warm and welcoming environment so people are excited to be there.

The news provider suggests the logo should be present in the entryway. Whether near the door with a logo mat or lit up on the wall as soon as a guest enters, they need to be able to see your logo clearly.

Inc. reports that decorations should be all about personalization. You as a brand want to be able to stand out. In addition to putting your logo strategically around the office, you may want to consider picking out artwork or quirky designs that can showcase your company’s culture. Décor can be a great way to show off the personality of your employees and your brand.

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