Choose your color for your business

Pick the colors that match your brand.
Pick the colors that match your brand.

When you think about your business, how much attention do you pay to the tone you would like to set? It’s important to think of colors that directly reflect your operations, as they can help evoke feelings from your customers and also drum up brand loyalty. You’ll want to think about colors that can be on everything from your products, to your decor and entrance mats.

The Huffington Post reports you’ll want to come up with a color strategy for your business, both in terms of an office setting and any products or collateral you may offer. You need to think about the kind of mood you’re trying to set with your colors. The news provider reports something like a red could be energetic while blue is calming. It’s good to also have consistency and trying to stay on-brand with your colors. Take a look at your logo and go from there.

Small Business Trends reports that not only can colors benefit your customers, but your employees as well. The news provider suggests thinking about each space of the office and trying to determine what feelings you want to evoke for workers who are in those areas. For example, a break room could be a relaxing color.

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