Get an entrance mat to draw in the customers

Entrance mats are a great way to catch potential customers' attention.
Entrance mats are a great way to catch potential customers’ attention.

Black Friday is the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season, and you want your storefront to stand out to all potential customers. If you’re in a heavily trafficked area, you should work to keep your storefront enticing to passersby.

Having an entrance mat with an eye-catching design and bright colors is a great way to get people’s attention as they pass by your store. Also use the opportunity to put out any signs promoting sales or any other promotions you may have going on in your store.

Additionally, having an entrance mat is a safety measure you may not have realized. Getting an entrance mat can help wipe off the bottom of people’s shoes as they walk into your store. Typically with heavily-trafficked areas, it can be easy for dirt, water and residue to build up over time, making it a safety hazard for anyone who happens to be walking into your storefront.

Entrance mats can be particularly helpful with safety when it’s bad weather outside, because they can absorb moisture before it becomes a slipping hazard. It’s also good to go the extra step of having slippery floor signs near the entryway, so people can exhibit caution as they walk through.

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