How inviting is your reception area?

What impression do you make with your reception area?
What impression do you make with your reception area?

When creating the perfect office environment, would you say that your entryway is warm and inviting? It goes beyond a sharp entrance mat that greets every guest who enters, you want the entire reception area to give off an inviting feel.

Entrepreneur reports that you never get a second change to make a good first impression, so you want to make sure that the first thing people notice when they walk through your doors is your hospitable feeling. The news provider suggests trying to add branding wherever you can. Consider putting your logo on everything from entrance mats to pens to maybe even having a sign behind the reception desk. This way, people will never be confused where they are. This can even be incorporated with artwork; if you’re a larger organization, consider having artwork of some of your other buildings to stay on-brand.

Conversational reports that you should also focus on lighting, as this can help set a mood. You don’t want the lights to be too bright and harsh, because it could affect productivity. Instead, the news provider suggests relying on natural light as much as possible, as it can help put people at ease and not cause too much eye strain.

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  1. Reception areas are often overlooked, used as alternative rooms for personal phone calls, or even worse, for storing delivered boxes till they get picked up by whoever placed an order. Not taking the time to think through the design and ‘visitor experience’ when they enter your premises could be highly detrimental.

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