Keep things simple and your logo to-the-point

Let your company name stand out.
Let your company name stand out.

Small businesses need to think about a logo that will get them noticed by potential customers. Before you put your brand on everything from entrance mats to outdoor signage, you need to make sure you have a recognizable logo that will last for years.

However, some small businesses might struggle when trying to showcase their brand. According to Newsday, small businesses may want to consider using a name in their logo so it’s more recognizable. The news provider also suggests keeping it simple, and noted that an analysis of more than 2,000 logos had a 94 percent rate of being minimalistic, instead letting the brand speak for itself rather than over-the-top design.

The news provider reports that logos should reflect the brand in an honest way, and there’s where the name can come into play. Especially for a small business, you may not be able to get the same recognition with just a design.

Forbes reports you’ll also want to think about your font when choosing a logo, since typography can really affect how a design looks. The news provider suggests looking at fonts that you think would best reflect your company’s personality, particularly if you’re keeping your logo simple like the organization’s name.

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