Keep weather outside where it belongs with entrance mats

Entrance mats can keep weather outside.
Entrance mats can keep weather outside.

With the winter season officially beginning, much of the country is about to face some tough weather. It’s not always just a mess outside; people can easily track things in with them, mudding up lobbies, hallways and any area of a building that’s heavily trafficked.

You can keep the winter weather at bay, though. Having entrance mats that scrape the bottom of people’s shoes as they walk in can do wonders for keeping the floors clear. You’ll want a mat that comes with extra traction and stops not only dirt and grime, but also anything that could be caught in the crevices of one’s shoes.

You’ll also want to consider getting a water-absorbent mat. This means that any moisture that could be on the bottom of someone’s shoes due to rain, slush or snow is absorbed before they track it in, making it more dangerous if you have a tiled or hardwood floor.

Keeping the winter weather outside where it belongs not only will make your building safer but your cleaning crew will thank you. An entrance mat can also be dual purpose – consider picking one with your logo so it can be the first thing people see as they enter your business.

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