Keeping mats around to stop slips

When you own a business, you’re liable and it’s critical that you’re taking visitor and employee safety into account when designing your office space. Slip-resistant mats can be your best friend in terms of reducing the amount of slips around the office.

According to the Toronto Star, it’s important to put a traction layer on any surface area that features heavy traffic that could be susceptible to frequent falls. While this can be applied to the home, it’s also a good method for the office. Entryways can be very slippery as people come in and out, tracking in whatever water or residue from the outside. It’s especially prevalent in the rainy and wintry months. You’ll also want to keep signs on hand to alert people there may be excess moisture even after they’ve walked on the water-soaking rug.

The National Safety Council reports that doorways, ramps and other areas with heavy traffic are the most common places for a slip. You’ll want to also check walkways on a regular basis to ensure they’re easy to walk on. If you notice things getting a bit slippery, work to correct the problem as quickly as possible to keep any visitors or employees safe as they enter the building.

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