Make sure you think about the ambiance of your lobby

An entrance mat can set the scene.

When someone walks into your lobby, you want them to feel welcomed. While having an entrance mat to greet them and someone at the front desk to help, a lot goes into setting the right ambience. Particularly if your lobby also serves as a place for guests to wait, it’s important that they feel comfortable as soon as they walk in.

It comes down to a psychology, particularly in the hotel industry, which completely revolves around the idea of hospitality. If you want people to feel comfortable in your rooms, you want that level of security to start as soon as they walk in the door. Hotel Management reports that the industry leaders are taking a look at lobby space and trying to make sure it’s a one-stop shop for everything a guest may need. As the source points out, a guest can grab a coffee, a drink at the bar or catching up on work at an open table. It’s important to address as many guest needs as possible.

As Ambius points out, the hotel industry specializes in human interaction, so it’s important that as guests’ expectations and needs evolve, so does the industry. This will help gain customer loyalty if they always have a good experience.

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