Prevent slips this winter with entrance mats

Entrance mats are a great way to keep visitors safe.

The winter means icy pathways that can increase a person’s chances of taking an unintentional spill. Unfortunately, the threat continues even when heading indoors, as boots track in snow and ice, increasing the chances of people slipping on tile or hardwood floors. Having an entrance mat can help negate this risk, because they can absorb the moisture that’s typically at the bottom of guests shoes.

According to Consumer Reports, it’s important to always walk with caution and be aware of surroundings. In addition to having an entrance mat, you may want to consider having a wet floor sign in your entryway to alert people that there could be puddles. You should also be sure to have salt on the outside to help reduce the ice buildup and also provide some traction as people are walking.

EHS Today reports that it’s never too early to think about putting a winter safety plan in action. The news provider says that winter spills can have a negative impact on business because not only are injured customers costly, but having an employee miss work due to an injury can impact both your efficiency and your worker’s compensation budget. You should always try to be extra careful when putting a plan in place and think about all the hazards.

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