Stop leaves with the help of two entrance mats

Have an entrance mat inside to help reduce leaves being tracked in.
Have an entrance mat inside to help reduce leaves being tracked in.

The fall may mean beautiful foliage, but eventually those leaves come off the trees and onto the ground, making their way onto the heels of people’s shoes. Tracking in leaves becomes more common this time of year, causing dirty and slippery floors.

You can combat this problem and keep your floors looking as good as new by utilizing entrance mats both before and after the door. Consider buying mats that have a lot of traction, so they can remove the leaves from under the shoes before people make their way onto your floor.

Wet leaves can stain the floors and make them dangerous, so it’s important to try and minimize the risk of an accidental spill as much as possible. Having dual entrance mats helps increase those chances, because it allows people to first try to wipe off their shoes outside, but that mat could also be affected by weather, making it more difficult.

Having a catch-all mat inside provides one further layer of protection, and people can enter a building at ease. However, if it’s a particularly bad weather day, consider also alerting guests to safety risks by putting up wet floor signs, if the mats are unable to completely clear a person’s shoes from leaves and water.

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