Think about color when painting a full brand picture

You want your color to evoke a certain feeling.
You want your color to evoke a certain feeling.

Before you lay out your plans for your logo entrance mat, you have to come up with a brand strategy for your new business. Anything with your logo on it should have strategy in mind, and you want to make sure you’re consistent with your brand throughout.

According to Business News Daily, there’s a science behind how much color can affect a person. For example, if you’re trying to evoke excitement with your brand, bright, citrus colors can have an upbeat effect on people. For a more serene feeling, consider blues and muted tones in order to calm your customer.

The news provider reports that there are some cultural associations with color, such as people thinking about death when they see black, but then there are also learned associations. These include thinking that red brings out heightened emotions while brown can give the feeling of rotting.

According to Fast Company, if you’re a company that sells, you might really want to hone in on brand color, as color accounts for nearly 85 percent of the reason that people buy a product. If you’re trying to entice a potential customer with your branding, color may be the way to do it.

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