Think of logos as a way to drum up recognition

Does your logo make sense for your business?

Logos are everywhere for a company. They’re on entrance mats, coffee cups, business cards and the sign as soon as you walk through the door. They’re what draws a potential customer into the business in the first place. It’s important for companies to think long and hard about what their logo is.

According to Fast Company Design, the logo is an important component when building a brand, but it’s also critical to build a reputation. The logo is a visual way for people to recognize your organization, but having a good reputation can help you with word of mouth when potential customers are asking their peers about providers. The source reports that sometimes managers can get tripped up with symbols, because they may not represent the service you provide but rather how your company should be thought of.

Entrepreneur reports you need to think about the kind of design element you want for your logo. While some businesses may choose something abstract to not represent anything but rather serve as art, others will try and use typography to visually represent their company name. You need to try and think about what makes the most sense and how well your customers know your brand.

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