Stay alert while on the job

Reduce the chances of falling at work.

If it’s a busy time at work, chances are you might find yourself trying to keep up the pace while not paying attention to where you’re looking. However, while you think you might be being efficient while on the job, you could actually be affecting your productivity if you suddenly trip, fall and hurt yourself.

Safety and Health Magazine reports it can be common for employees to injure themselves while on the job because they aren’t looking where they are going. Additionally, the news provider reports sometimes if an employee trips over something, he or she may think that someone else will deal with it, making it a hazard for everyone else. Instead, it should be reported immediately, or if the employee is able, take care of it themselves.

According to EHS Today, falls in the workplace can cost up to $70 billion each year, so it’s important for managers to discuss the importance of looking out for any hazards. Additionally, having anti-fatigue mats can help reduce the number of falls, as they provide more traction than a regular floor, which could ultimately reduce the chances of slipping on something. If you have heavy-trafficked areas in the workplace, consider putting the anti-fatigue mats there in order to reduce the slipperiness that comes with foot traffic.

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