Keep training in mind for holiday staff

Rubber mats are a great way to keep new employees safe.

Do you have training in place for your seasonal staff? In the restaurant business, seasonal staff can help offset the jump in demand during the holiday season, and while you may have some workers returning from the summer, there is a chance you’ll have some new faces as well.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, having rubber mats is a great way to add traction to the floors, protecting employees from any potential falls. Rubber mats are a great way to keep people safe, even if there is a spill, and they’re also easy to clean, which can come in handy when working in a busy restaurant.

In addition to taking extra precautions for keeping employees safe, it’s also important to have a safety training while onboarding new employees. Modern Restaurant Management reports that even though you may be desperate to fill slots for the holidays, you need to make sure you’re bringing in the right talent.

According to the news provider, you should try to stick to the same hiring principles as you would for your normal full-time help. Make sure that you’re hiring skilled workers who you would trust to be your full-time employees just as you would with temporary assistance.

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Come up with a communications plan around safety

Adding anti-fatigue mats are a way to add traction.

How often are you communicating with your team about the importance of safety? Running a safe workspace goes beyond adding signs around the office. Instead, it’s about adding traction to the floors with anti-fatigue mats to prevent slips, clearing paths from clutter and regularly inspecting equipment to make sure it’s not only performing correctly, but also won’t unintentionally injure someone on the job.

It also coincides with the kind of workplace culture you try and reflect in your own leadership. According to EHS Today, communication is key for keeping employees safe, and continuously checking in on a routine basis that employees aren’t experiencing hazards at work or feel comfortable alerting you if something is wrong can go a long way. Additionally, you should have support staff who can also lend an ear if there is a safety concern.

It’s also important to develop a cadence for reporting. According to EHS Daily Advisor, if too much information is being communicated around safety, it can be easy for it to be lost in the shuffle. Additionally, you need to make sure your message is clear and concise, otherwise it could be left up to interpretation, and not be met with the attention that it deserves.

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Trying to prevent falls? Add anti-fatigue mats to the floor

Rubber mats can add traction to the floor.

When working in a fast-paced environment, particularly one where everyone is constantly moving around on the same path, it can be easy to suddenly take a spill. Floors can be slippery, and if an area is worn due to heavy foot traffic or if there is a lot of excess buildup or water tracked in from the bottom of people’s shoes, it can be a falling hazard.

However, using textured floors can help reduce the chances of falling, as they provide an extra grip, even when the bottoms of your feet aren’t the best for traction. According to the Royal Gazette, textured flooring is a great way to add to slip resistance, and the more grip there is on the mat there is the better. Anti-fatigue mats are a great addition to flooring, as they provide extra grip and traction that can help prevent falls. Additionally, the rubber material makes them easy to clean up spills quickly, reducing the chances of falling due to a spill.

Safety and Health Magazine reports flooring with abrasive texture can help prevent slips while on the job and can also serve as a suitable replacement if you notice floors are starting to become worn.

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Take standing breaks to keep feeling comfortable

Anti-fatigue mats are a great comfort.

Being in the same position for hours at a time can take a toll on the body. Whether you spend a lot of time at a desk, in your car or even on your feet all day, you can notice back, foot, shoulder and neck pain. However, there are adjustments you can make to be more comfortable, such as adding anti-fatigue mats to the floor for a little extra cushion that eases pressure on the joints.

It’s a good idea to try and change up your routine as much as possible to ensure your body stays loose. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, taking standing breaks when you have a desk job can help combat back and neck pain. The news provider reports that the body is meant to move, and keeping it stationery at a desk for hours each day has seen an increase in people being treated for lower back and neck pain.

In addition to taking standing breaks, there are other treatments you can do to combat pain. Healthline suggests regularly exercising and stretching, which can also help your body better adjust to the pressures of constant sitting and standing on the job if your muscles are looser and relaxed.

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