Don’t get stuck with foot pain

Keep anti-fatigue mats on hand to help with foot pain.

Foot pain can be a nuisance that affects your overall quality of life. While there are certain things you can do at work to help keep pain at bay, such as wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes that give you the support you need, and standing on anti-fatigue mats, which can help decrease the pressure to feet and joints from the floor, sometimes you may need to see a doctor to determine what’s causing the discomfort.

According to NBC 2, the source of pain can best be traced to where it’s coming from. The news provider reports that if the pain is in the big toe joint or the middle of the foot, it’s probably arthritis, whereas pain in the back of the heel could be a sign of Achilles tendonitis. However, the most common source of foot pain, according to the news provider, is at the bottom of your heel, particularly when you’re walking. That is attributed to plantar fasciitis, because the fascia attaches to the bone and cause inflammation and therefore pain.

Healthline suggests when you have foot pain in the muscle, there are things you can do once you’re home from work, such as icing your feet, massaging the bottom of the feet with a tennis ball or keeping them elevated.

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Stay alert to avoid the unfortunate spills at work

Anti-fatigue mats can help with traction.

Slipping and falling at work is a common injury for many employees, but with the right safety precautions it can be avoided. Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to add traction to heavily trafficked areas, which can typically be a little more slippery due to the general wear to the floor and chances for spills.

According to Alamosa News, falling is an unfortunate risk in any profession, since everyone is exposed to tripping hazards no matter what sector they work in. The news source suggests communication and awareness are two of the biggest ways to make an impact in reducing falls. If more workers are aware of where they’re walking and alert as they travel, they can note any tripping hazards in their path. Additionally, the news provider suggests keeping the floor, stairs and doorways clear of any hazards can help reduce the chances of tripping.

Don’t just focus on the floor itself, also keep visibility in mind. Grainger reports adding the right lighting so people can clearly see their path can help. This can also highlight if there is any moisture on the ground that may have been hidden due to poor lighting. This way, more people can see it and can put a slipping awareness sign up until the spill is cleaned.

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Keep foot safety at the forefront of your training

Anti-fatigue mats can help prevent falls.

A busy work environment can leave employees susceptible to trips and falls. Foot safety can be overlooked by management, but it’s critical to take precautions that keep people safe on the job, especially if it’s a fast-paced environment. Using anti-fatigue mats in areas with heavy traffic can provide extra traction, reducing the chances of a slip.

EHS Today reports that managers need to make foot safety a priority in the workplace. The news provider points to findings from the National Safety Council that found slips, trips and falls resulted in 44.5 million injuries, which cost organizations $967.9 billion in injury claims and lost productivity. It’s critical to keep your employees happy and healthy, ensuring that not only will you not only have a full staff, but your productivity will not be affected.

In order to combat the common hazards that can affect the workplace, create a culture of safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests looking at safety from every level and department of your organization. Creating a holistic approach to safety and holding trainings that encompass not only individual departments, but the entire facility, can help with employee buy-in and keep everyone on the same page from every level.

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Provisions for disabilities could force employers to implement standing desks

Bring in anti-fatigue mats to encourage standing.

There have been many studies around the effects of standing desks and whether or not they’re good to add to the workplace. While they give people a break from their usual long hours of sitting, many offices have been hesitant to adopt the structures across the board.

However, new provisions could force companies’ hands as people with disabilities may have a right to standing desks. EHS Today reports that despite hesitations, federal disability law may soon require offering standing desks as a way to keep them comfortable at work if they suffer from a chronic physical condition.

This could also help employees be more productive if they’re suffering from pain associated with sitting. If they are able to stand, they could be less distracted by their ailment and able to complete the task at hand. University of Texas’ Southwestern Medical Center reports that productivity can be increased with the help of standing desks, because employees will be more alert.

It’s important to offer both sitting and standing options for employees, and having a variety of options based on preference can help them break up their day. Consider using anti-fatigue mats under standing desks, as they can help relieve pressure to the joints that is typically associated with standing.

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