Be strategic when mapping out your restaurant shift schedule

Add some comfort to the shift with anti-fatigue mats.
Add some comfort to the shift with anti-fatigue mats.

Are you being strategic with your restaurant shifts? Foodservice managers will often think about who to put on during specific shifts based on availability, personality and ability to handle busy times. Restaurant shifts can take a toll on employees, so it’s a good idea to put anti fatigue mats down around the kitchen to help relieve the pressure of long hours on the body.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, each shift has its own character and tempo, which can be important for managers to study when choosing to pick who to staff. The news provider estimates there are ultimately about 14 shifts per week, so it can give managers time to strategize an overall plan for the year.

The news provider reports that having consistency allows for managers to brainstorm different topics to bring to each huddle. The source recommends trying to plan this out a month in advance. Think of any training you want to include and come up with a schedule.

Bluecart reports you want to group people together on a shift who you know can complement each other’s skills. Because there is a lot of teamwork in the restaurant industry, you want to make sure there’s always a balance between newer employees and veterans who can help train.

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