Keep workers comfortable in the kitchen

Rubber mats add a safety and comfort component.
Rubber mats add a safety and comfort component.

Because restaurants are such a fast-paced environment, employees will find themselves trying to dodge each other while running around the rubber mats of the kitchen. Without the proper communication, people can suddenly find themselves colliding, potentially injuring themselves and their coworkers.

According to the Small Business Chronicle, there are many hazards to employees in the kitchen, such as open flames, sharp objects and slips. Having rubber mats can help reduce the risk of slips, as they provide extra traction, but managers should be very clear about the proper footwear to have in the kitchen, so employees are provided with an extra layer of protection. In such a busy environment, injuries can happen before most even realize what’s going on.

This also means that managers should make sure they have the right treatments on hand. Having a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and proper safety signs around the kitchen can go a long way in educating employees about the hazards they may face.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that because workers are on their feet most of the day in the kitchen, it can cause stress to their muscles and joints. Adding rubber mats to the floors can add a level of cushion that will help provide an extra layer of comfort.

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