Make the restaurant a stress-free work environment

Rubber mats can help ease joint pain.
Rubber mats can help ease joint pain.

Restaurant workers can feel the pressure on a regular basis, whether it’s getting the food out in a timely manner or dealing with an overwhelming amount of customers. Thinking on one’s feet is imperative, and it’s important that employees feel comfortable in their environment.

According to NPR, restaurant workers can frequently experience stress while on the job. The news provider reports that because very few restaurant positions offer paid sick time, many employees will come in despite being under the weather. Additionally, the source reports that workers would avoid sick time because they would not want their peers to be short-staffed. Not only could this be a problem for customers, but it can also affect the rest of the staff should germs spread.

Managers can work to make their restaurants less stressful environments by putting the employees first. Lux Code suggests managers take the time to interact with employees on a regular basis and get to know them. Keep the dialogue open to make sure you’re receiving feedback on changes the staff would like to see. Also consider making their jobs more comfortable, like putting rubber mats on the floors to ease the stress on the joints and giving employees a spacious break room.

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