People of all levels are coming into the restaurant industry

Working at a restaurant is a rite of passage for many.
Working at a restaurant is a rite of passage for many.

Working in a restaurant is a right of passage for many. Whether it’s someone’s first foray, because they want a flexible schedule or looking to make some extra money as a side job, many people have stood on the anti-fatigue mats of the kitchen while dealing with the fast-paced nature of the restaurant industry.

Although many people may think of waiting tables as a typical summer job or a way to make extra money after hours, the National Restaurant Association reports that people from all different levels of professional experience have taken their turns waiting tables recently. The news provider reports that one in five open positions in the restaurant industry were filled by promotions of employees who already worked in the establishment.

A lot of people will also choose to get restaurant experience as a way to improve their customer service skills. Working in a restaurant means you need to be personable, but many people could find this a bit challenging. The Huffington Post reports that there are a lot of valuable business lessons in waiting tables, such as providing the extra customer service in order to get rave reviews even when the food does not measure up. The news provider also reports you can increase your overall revenue if you’re able to sell. Whether just starting out or looking to brush up on skills, restaurants can help.

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