Robots make their way onto the restaurant scene

Will restaurants use new technology to improve processes?
Will restaurants use new technology to improve processes?

There will always be a need for humans working on the anti fatigue mats of the restaurant kitchen. However, that’s not say that the industry isn’t becoming more automated. In an effort to streamlining operations, some eateries are turning to robotic technology.

According to Motley Fool, more companies in the food service space are choosing automation systems in an effort to improve the customer experience. For example, Starbucks allows mobile users to order ahead, so workers can spend less time taking orders and more time making the drinks. Not only does this improve wait time, but it also cuts down on human error, since customers are inputting their orders directly into the system.

Robots were also a focus at the National Restaurants Association Show this past May. According to the Association’s news provider, robots are now being used in the food preparation space for tasks such as sushi making, salad orders and there are even robots serving as fry cooks. By incorporating technology into the restaurant industry, there is less room for error and also a reduced risk of worker injury while on the job.

Still, employees that will be working at the same time as the robots should be properly trained on how they operate, so they can avoid any potential accidents.

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