Rubber safety mats work in a fast-paced kitchen

Rubber mats give employees the grip they need.
Rubber mats give employees the grip they need.

Working in a restaurant kitchen can be incredibly fast-paced, and even veteran employees face challenges every day in trying to stay safe. Most restaurant managers will warn their employees to wear slip-resistant shoes in order to make it out of the kitchen and onto the restaurant floor quickly and seamlessly, but there are other precautions to take as well.

Using rubber floor mats can help give employees the extra traction they need while in the kitchen. When cooking, it’s incredibly common to drop something on the floor, and heavy trafficked areas can lead to even slicker surfaces. Because employees are frequently trying to get food on the table fast, they may not have the time to watch where they’re going.

Rubber mats provide a buffer from the slick tiles typically seen in restaurant kitchens. The other bonus is that they’re easy to clean, so even if things are being spilled throughout the day, the cleaning crew can easily wash them down at the end of a shift.

Even if managers do not want to outfit the entire kitchen with rubber mats, they should at least consider covering heavily-trafficked areas, like the cooking line, near the freezer and the path that leads to the dining room.

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