Stay on top of joint health while on the job

Protect joint health with rubber mats.
Protect joint health with rubber mats.

Standing for long hours day in and day out can have an effect on the body, particularly the joints. While managers of employees who spend a lot of time on their feet can get anti-fatigue mats to help ease the discomfort, there are other factors people should be aware of so they can stay on top of treatment before the pain gets worse.

According to My Fox 8, winter can be particularly harsh on the joints due to the cold weather putting excess pressure on them. The news provider reports that the cold weather can make things even worse, because it prevents people from exercising, which can positively impact the joints. Instead, the source recommends that those who are suffering from aching joints, particularly the hip, should try to keep up with a regular low-impact exercise routine indoors as much as possible in order to stay limber. Also, take the time to stretch regularly, as this can help loosen the body.

If you are standing for long periods of time, you should try to take breaks as much as you can. According to the Arthritis Foundation, alternating between sitting and standing as much as possible can help prevent your joints from locking. This break can add a little bit of extra relief, in addition to stretching.

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