Suppliers matter when it comes to food safety

How much vetting do you do of your supplier?
How much vetting do you do of your supplier?

Anyone who sets foot upon the rubber mats in the kitchen knows it’s part of their responsibility to keep food safety the highest priority. Foodborne illness can break a restaurant, and any cooks, waitstaff or restaurant manager will tell you that it’s a threat that must be taken seriously at all times.

According to Fast Company, one thing to keep in mind when making food safety a priority is your food supplier. The news provider suggests a restaurant should use a food supplier that the manager trusts and companies that have really good ratings. Whenever choosing a third-party vendor, the news provider suggests auditing the quality and making sure that they follow all of the proper safety protocols before signing the contract. The source says that the most well-regarded suppliers will be well-documented, so it will be easy for managers to check and make sure that they’re making the best choice for their customers.

According to Food Safety Magazine, there are several qualifications that suppliers must meet, which range from quality assurance to product development. Additionally, the supplier needs to be registered with the Food & Drug Administration, so you can ensure that they follow the specific guidelines. This vetting will help you keep your customers safe and happy.

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