Use the right mats to reduce spills at work

Help reduce falls in the workplace.
Help reduce falls in the workplace.

Slips and falls are all too common occurrences in the workplace, particularly when working in a bustling environment. While few workplaces have wall-to-wall carpeting, it’s important to take flooring into consideration when designing a new space. Safety mats and industrial runners are a great addition to floors, because they allow for grips no matter what shoes employees are wearing. Depending on the kind of buildup, these mats can help reduce the chances of a fall.

According to The Huffington Post, slips and falls occur on a regular basis in the workplace, and although people never fall from a distance, the incidents still put employees at risks for sprains and fractures. In addition to having the right flooring, the news provider suggests having worker clean up any spills they may see immediately and also placing a caution sign near the incident. This way, people will know to be more cautious as they walk in the area.

Reliable Plant also suggests always having good lighting. If people are able to clearly see where they are walking and notice any residue that could cause them to fall, they may be more cautious as they walk by. This can also help illuminate any clutter that could be a trip hazard.

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