Could standing meetings make for a productive day?

Having a standing meeting could make it more productive.

Would you ever consider having a meeting on an anti-fatigue mat? With lots of research pointing to the benefits of standing while on the job, you may want to consider ditching the standing desk in favor of stretching your legs during a meeting.

Meetings happen all the time in the workplace, and sometimes a day that’s packed with colleague brainstorms could mean a lot of time in a chair. However, breaking things up a bit and having a standing meeting could be the solution you’re looking for to stretch your legs while still being productive.

Not only could standing meetings help you stretch your legs, it could also help the meeting run smoothly. According to NBC Right Now, in a recent study involving standing meetings, participants who were standing felt more confident during the meeting and also found that they were wrapped up much quicker. However, there was some awkwardness if other people in the meeting chose to stay seated.

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, it’s important for workplaces to strike a balance between standing and sitting during the workday. This way, employees can feel free to move around and switch things up.

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