Prevent falls in the workplace during the busy season

Help reduce slips on the job.

Have you been trying to keep safety in the workplace a priority? Particularly in the busy months of retail, warehouses and fulfillment centers can see a lot of foot traffic that could make employees unaware of the tripping hazards that are around them. Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to add traction to floors, which can become particularly slippery if they have a lot of wear.

Multichannel Merchant reports that one of the most common reasons for injury is slipping and tripping while on the job. In addition to having anti-fatigue mats for traction, you need to make sure that aisles and pathways are completely cleaned of clutter. The news provider reports some of the most common reasons for clutter include packaging that’s fallen, broken pallets or inventory that can’t make it onto a crowded shelf.

However, make a concerted effort to keep the path clear, because it will help avoid any unnecessary injury of your workers. The Logistics of Logistics suggests making as much use of vertical space as possible, choosing to stack inventory in a safe manner to keep it off the floor. Additionally, if you have a broken pallet, that could put your inventory in jeopardy, so it’s important to replace it as quickly as possible.

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Trying to boost productivity? Get more standing desks

Adding anti-fatigue mats under standing desks can encourage use.

Trying to have a more productive workforce? You might want to encourage your employees to get on their feet. There have been a lot of studies around standing desks and the impact they make in the workplace. However, new findings suggest in addition to giving employees a break to stretch their legs, they could boost overall productivity.

According to the Independent, a recent study found that when workers reduced their sedentary time by 80 minutes per day, they were more engaged with their work. The news provider reports that people who work in an office spend up to 70 to 85 percent of their day sitting, which not only has been attributed to health problems, but can cause back and muscle pain.

It’s important to encourage employees to stand when they can. Healthline reports that standing helps increase energy levels throughout the day. However, sometimes standing for long periods of time can seem strenuous to people, so it’s important to offer accommodations. Anti-fatigue mats provide a cushion that can help ease the pressure put on joints and the feet from standing. These rubber mats can be placed right under the standing desks and create a comfortable space for people to stretch their legs and get their work done.

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Many people remain afraid to speak up about safety at work

Anti-fatigue mats can keep workers safe on the job.

Do you have a workplace culture that puts safety at the forefront? Worker safety is a critical component not only to a healthy workforce, but also cost savings. You can make adjustments, such as adding anti-fatigue mats to add more traction to the ground to protect people from spills. It’s critical that everyone in the workplace speaks up about safety, and knows that they are aware of all the hazards that could be in the workplace.

EHS Today reports one phenomenon is that many people refuse to speak up about certain safety hazards in the workplace, essentially turning into an “elephant in the room.” The news provider reports that leaders who don’t understand how important safety is to the bottom line of an organization typically cause this.

It’s important to create a culture of safety within your organization, and that starts with communication.

Occupational Health and Safety reports that safety culture can not be a one-off initiative, it needs to be a consistent thing in order to keep all employees invested in the cause. The news provider reports inter-company communications are the first step, making sure everyone is on the same page from leadership down to hourly workers.

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Being on your feet could put you at risk for plantar fasciitis

Anti-fatigue mats can help prevent pain.

Foot pain can be debilitating for both sedentary and active people, causing many require rest. But what happens if your job requires you to be on your feet for most of the day? Anti-fatigue mats can help provide extra cushion to the joints, taking away pressure and keeping feet comfortable while on the job. However, there are some other exercises you can do to keep your feet healthy, even when you’re struck with pain.

According to Medical News Bulletin, one of the most common reasons for foot pain is plantar fasciitis, which can feel like sharp pains in the heel while walking due to inflammation in the thick connective tissue of plantar fascia. The news provider reports being on your feet for the majority of the day can put you at major risk for this malady.

Web MD reports that plantar fasciitis can be treated with medication, resting the pain area and icing it every so often. However, if it doesn’t improve over time with that regimen, the source reports physical therapy may be required. If you are experiencing pain, try and speak to your manager to see if you can get relief from your feet for a few days.

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