Work to prevent falls in the warehouse

Anti-fatigue mats have the traction you need to keep people safe.

Does your warehouse promote a culture of safety? It’s easy to be moving in a fast-paced environment and suddenly finding yourself slipping and falling. Whether it’s due to a raised item like loose inventory or a slippery floor from foot traffic, falling on the job remains a very real concern.

MSDS Online reports that slips, trips and falls are one of the top reasons for injury in the workplace. However, if you’re able to put the right safety processes and prevention in place, then you can reduce the number of injured employees. The news provider suggests using lighting to draw one’s attention to the path ahead, so they can be on the lookout for any potential fall hazards.

Another way to help reduce the chances of someone falling while on the job is to make sure the floor has enough traction. Typically, warehouses have cement floors, which sometimes can get slippery due to a spill or heavy foot traffic.

Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to prevent this, as the rubber is not only easy to clean spills but also provides extra traction. Safety and Health Magazine recommends installing flooring with more grips to help reduce the chances of falling in the workplace.

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Exercises and stretching can help make standing at work easier

Anti-fatigue mats offer relief.

If you’re noticing you have joint and muscle pain due to standing long hours at work, you’re not alone, it’s incredibly common and an issue many need to address. Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to offer comforted support, and the cushioning is easier on the joints. The right footwear can help as well, because they can help keep the feet supported, which in turn supports the rest of the body.

In addition to trying to make standing more comfortable, there are exercises you can do in order to tolerate it more. According to ABC Net, building endurance can help you avoid nagging pain and injury. The key is to strengthen your muscles so they’re more equipped to support the rest of your body. The news provider suggests doing exercises such as lunges, heel raises and squats, all of which work out different leg muscles.

These are exercises you can do at home and in some cases, even while you’re standing at work during a break. You’ll also want to increase your stretching routine. According to Livestrong, stretching can bring relief for when your muscles are already feeling the strain from standing – or if you challenged yourself to a particularly hard workout.

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Add anti-fatigue mats to improve traction and appearance in your busy store

Anti-fatigue mats can help when there’s a lot of foot traffic.

If you’re planning to welcome in a lot of visitors during the holiday shopping season, you may want to consider adding more traction to your flooring, as lots of foot traffic can make a floor slippery. Additionally, if weather conditions outside are poor, chances of residue being tracked in is high.

Adding anti-fatigue mats to your entryway and areas of heavy foot traffic is a great precaution to take to ensure that people do not accidentally slip and fall while visiting your store. The rubber mats add traction to the floor and can also absorb moisture without increasing someone’s chances of slipping.

Not only are these mats a great way to promote safety in your shop, they’re also easy to clean. If you find they’re building up residue from all the foot traffic, simply wipe them down with a wet cloth and allow to dry. This no-fuss method is a great alternative to messing up your expensive flooring. Consider having these mats at any entrance and paths that have seen a lot of foot traffic, including behind the register – because the rubber relieves pressure on the joints, which is beneficial for your employees working long hours.

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Keep getting physical activity throughout the workday

Be sure to have anti-fatigue mats to encourage standing.

There have been countless studies over the benefits and drawbacks to standing desks. While it’s never good to stay in the same position for hours at a time, it’s important to adjust your settings throughout the day. Anti-fatigue mats can also add comfort under standing desks, because they give an extra cushion that’s easier on the joints.

The New York Times reports that managers have been pushing standing desks in order to promote better cardiovascular health. While it’s better than a sedentary lifestyle, there is still some confusion as to whether it can replace exercise. The news provider reports that’s the problem with the mindset, while standing can help address neck and lower back pain, workers should still be getting exercise as well.

Entrepreneur reports it’s important to keep good posture throughout the day at work, and frequently taking stretching breaks to prevent aches and pains. Additionally, there are small exercises you can do at your desk to not only keep blood flowing, but also prevent the pains that come from being in the same position. The news provider also suggests taking frequent breaks to walk and stretch, which can keep the blood flowing and actually make you more productive thanks to the boost in energy.

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