Keep your customers coming to your business

When you’re greeting customers for the first time, you need to work to win over their loyalty. Small businesses and startups need to rely on their customer service skills in order to make sure they flourish. You’ll want to first make sure that your business stands out – consider buying an entrance mat that is eye-catching and has your logo front and center. This way, people who might have simply been passing by may see the logo and decide to check out the new business on the block.

According to, there are a number of ways to keep customers coming back. For starters, you want to appear like a dependable business that will really be there for your clients. You’ll want to put an employee at the front of the business to great each person who enters, and then adjust the pitch to meet personal needs.

You also want to make sure that your customers know you care about them. If they feel like you’re really meeting you needs, then they’ll stick with you.

In order to achieve this kind of customer service, your employees need to be satisfied, too. According to All Business, part of the building blocks to serving your customers is starting loyalty within your organization. This way, more workers will show their enthusiasm when talking to clients.

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Match your entrance mat to the color of your business

Does your entrance mat stand out?

Choosing an entrance mat for your business? You may want to consider making sure it’s in sync with your branding. If you have a distinctive color with your business, then you want to include that in your outdoor marketing. When people are walking around outdoors and notice the distinctive coloring, they may register that it’s your business and come right in.

But what color should speak for your business? It turns out there are a lot of options. According to Innovation Excellence, 80 percent of what you take in through your senses is done visually. This means, if you’re trying to attract someone’s attention, an eye-catching color may be the way to do so.

Trying to think of a theme? The news provider suggests with pairing primary colors against each other, as this could stand out to the audience. Think of this as a way to really draw the attention of your potential customers.

According to Color Combos, your outside signage is your very first advertisement for your business. Same goes for entrance mats, if you are looking to draw in foot traffic, you want a color that’s going to capture the attention of your potential clients. Be sure to also include a creative logo so it will stick out more.

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Working up to standing at work

Working at a desk job all day can take a lot out of you. Your back and legs may start to hurt because you spend most of the day sitting. Additionally, there have been a number of studies that show the health challenges that could affect people who spend most of their day in a chair rather than walking around.

However, Wirecutter reports there are ways you can go about standing at your desk for part of the day in order to make sure you’re getting time on your feet.

The news provider suggests you’ll want to ease your way into standing more. For example, try to do tasks that you can easily do on your feet, such as organizing. Additionally, you may want to consider getting a cushioned mat, as it can be hard to adjust to standing for long periods of time all at once.

For those who want to get more use out of their anti fatigue mats, there’s hope. Forbes reports that more companies are offering standing desks, which allow individuals to stand while they work, not having to worry about hunching over while they type on their computers.

People may also want to consider taking time to go for walks in between work to not only break up the day, but stretch out their muscles.

Make your entrance stylish and safe with an outdoor mat

Winter is a very messy season, and when your place of business gets a lot of foot traffic, there’s concern that people could be tracking in excess moisture, dirt and snow that could have been stuck on their feet. Putting up caution signs can make people aware of the problem, but you also want to try and stop slippery floors from causing an accident on your premise. An outdoor mat can be part of the solution.

Outdoor entrance mats are a great way to welcome guests into your business while helping reduce the risk of injury. By purchasing a spaghetti mat with backing, you’ll be able to stop mud and water in its tracks, ensuring that your floors aren’t too slippery from all the winter foot traffic.

It’s also a good idea to purchase one of these mats with your company logo at the front. This can be welcoming for your guests, and give people a clear idea of your business design. Feel free to also include your business’ slogan, if you have one, underneath the logo for a bit of personality.

Not only can entrance mats serve as a decoration for your business, but they’re also a great way to ensure your customers stay safe, no matter what the weather is like outside.