Think about workplace layout for employee benefits

Be smart about office design.

Making sure employees feel satisfied with their work environment is important. When they’re walking on top of the entrance mat day in and day out, do they feel excited to come to work? Or are they just plugging along? The way that you set up your office space could have positive implications for overall employee health.

According to Architecture and Design, new research suggests that building design could affect overall employee health. The news provider reports in an effort to keep all working styles happy, more businesses are trying to accomodate by designing open floor plans to increase collaboration but also offering closed offices and workspaces for when people need to focus. Additionally, focusing on sustainable business practices and eco-friendly supplies had a positive impact on employee health.

As long as employees are able to change up what they’re doing on a regular basis, they may find productivity benefits. According to Fast Company, workers struggle to stay as productive when they’re stuck at their desks all day. Instead, providing the opportunity to have more potential meetings and walk around the workspace can help foster creativity and boost productivity. When people are collaborating, there is less of a chance of being in a rut.

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When designing your office, stay in budget

Be smart when setting an office budget.

When you’re planning out the space for your employees, it’s easy to get away from your set budget plans. Building a new office space goes beyond picking out logo mats and furniture, although that’s important too. The entire layout can be costly, and it’s important to keep needs and wants in line with your bottom line.

According to Facility Executive, a good office design can transform the entire culture of your business, so it’s critical to get it right. However, it’s often that managers will get carried away in spending to achieve all they want. However, the news provider reports there are small changes to the layout that can make a big difference to the bottom line. The news provider reports that having an open floor plan is actually the least expensive option with layouts.

Forbes reports it’s always important to go with the mind and not the heart when designing, because it’ll help you think analytically about your budget and not blowing a budget on things that are just considered nice additions. The same goes for when you’re choosing a space. Think of what’s most practical in terms of accessibility for your customers, employees and any other stakeholders involved with your business.

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Add your personality to your office

Show off your personality.

Have you thought about adding personal quirks to your office decor? A great way to add personality to your company is with the decorations. Roll out the entrance mat and make sure you include eye-catching designs that show a bit of your brand’s personality. Whether it’s adding company photos or logos around the lobby, your guests should have no trouble figuring out they’re in your space.

Inc suggests using big pieces of art in order to really draw attention. If you’re not using your logo, perhaps consider enlarging photos from a company event, or something from your first office space or another milestone. This adds a bit of branding personality while still being a creative design.

It’s important to be eye-catching with your uniqueness, because it’s what will set you apart from the competition. Additionally, if you’re trying to attract new talent, having a cool office space can help.

Complex reports adding cool touches such as chalkboard walls, non-work-related books and other personal touches to add a little more personality. And don’t be afraid to take some design risks. As the news provider points out, if anything, it’ll give you some credentials for going outside the box in favor of a decorative edge.

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Double down on entrance mats to keep your floors clean

Having two mats at each entrance can keep floors clean.

If you want to keep your cleaning costs down, entrance mats are a great way to reduce the amount of dirt and moisture that comes from outside. By putting an entrance mat outside to catch any of the loose dirt first, and then having a second one in the lobby to reduce and absorb the moisture that might be tracked in, you’ll keep your floors much cleaner.

Having double entrance mats can help keep the weather where it belongs – outside. It’s a good idea for building managers to not only have two at each entrance, but also extras on hand in the event they get too weighed down by dirt and water. This way, you can clean them every once and a while but you don’t have to worry about your floors being unprotected.

The more entrance mats you have on hand, the more peace of mind you’ll have that your floors are clean. Being sure to buy logo mats with absorption capabilities can help retain moisture and keep it where it should be, away from the floor. This can also help keep any visitors from experiencing falls if they’re entering during a particularly hazardous weather day.

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