Does your brand speak through logo mat or symbol?

Brand representation is everything, but how does it resonate with your consumer base? When designing a logo for your logo mat and posting company collateral around the office, you want to think long and hard about what you want to represent visually. Figuring out how to execute it is where it can get tricky.

Fast Company reports it’s important to know the difference between a logo and a symbol. What is really representing your brand? A logo features words, so brands like Coca-Cola and Fed-Ex would be considered to have logos. On the other hand, sharper companies like Apple the Red Cross are more known by symbols of, you guessed it, an apple and a red cross.

The news provider is quick to point out that some companies have a combination. Starbucks, for example, features both the siren and its brand name in its marketing campaign.

Now it’s time to figure out what works for your brand. How do you want to represent yourself to make the business recognizable to your customers and peers? Newsday tends to lean more toward a design that makes you instantly recognizable, similar to the McDonald’s golden arches. Think about the service you provide to your customers and whether or not your company name can be represented by a symbol.

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Keeping mats around to stop slips

When you own a business, you’re liable and it’s critical that you’re taking visitor and employee safety into account when designing your office space. Slip-resistant mats can be your best friend in terms of reducing the amount of slips around the office.

According to the Toronto Star, it’s important to put a traction layer on any surface area that features heavy traffic that could be susceptible to frequent falls. While this can be applied to the home, it’s also a good method for the office. Entryways can be very slippery as people come in and out, tracking in whatever water or residue from the outside. It’s especially prevalent in the rainy and wintry months. You’ll also want to keep signs on hand to alert people there may be excess moisture even after they’ve walked on the water-soaking rug.

The National Safety Council reports that doorways, ramps and other areas with heavy traffic are the most common places for a slip. You’ll want to also check walkways on a regular basis to ensure they’re easy to walk on. If you notice things getting a bit slippery, work to correct the problem as quickly as possible to keep any visitors or employees safe as they enter the building.

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Changing your office décor this season with new door matting!

Now that spring is here, have you thought about updating your office décor? You may want to consider it, since it’s a great way to refresh your space without having to spend a lot of money.

You may want to consider having different-colored logo mats to match the season. This is a quick and easy way to change things up. Changing the color scheme of the accents in the lobby is a great way to instantly freshen up a room and now that the days are longer, it’ll add a whole new welcome energy.

You’ll also want to think of some inexpensive decorations that can showcase the season. Seasonal plants are a great way to do this, not only do they clean up the air indoors, but they make for great decorations. You’ll want to have someone in charge of watering the plants, as you don’t want to greet visitors to your office with dead greenery.

You’ll also want to see what the proper care is for the plants. Some need to be kept in the sunlight to thrive, while others do better in the shade. Making the effort to care for the plants will save money in the long run, since you won’t have to continuously buy new ones.

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Sales can bring customers into your store in the spring, make sure your entrance mat is clean and fresh.

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to hold a sale to get people back into your store. People tend to shop when there is nicer weather, since it’s more convenient for them to get out of the house. You may want to consider a new entrance mat outside your store that perfectly showcases spring.

Choosing a mat in a bright color will certainly be eye-catching and can help you draw in the big crowds. You’ll also want to look into other ways you can greet potential consumers.

If you’re having a sale, be sure to have signs outside of the store advertising your promotions. Sandwich boards are great for this, and can be set up at a distance so people who are simply passing by will take note.

Additionally, you want to put a salesperson at the entryway, either on the entrance mat or just behind it. This person can greet each customer as he or she enters and discuss the promotions in the store. These greeters can also determine the customers’ needs and send them to the right location as needed. It’s best to have a seasoned professional in charge of this task, since they’ll have a better idea of the store layout.

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