Let the public know about your new business with entrance mats

With an increasing focus on online business, many are forgetting about the opportunity for new brick-and-mortar shops. You want to be able to stand out, and one way to do so is with your entrance mat. When prospective customers are walking, they need to be able to easily find your news business.

Pick an entrance mat that is bright in color with your logo clearly displayed. This way, people will be able to clearly see the business. The Epoch Times suggests frequently changing your store front, so your merchandise constantly looks new and exciting. You may even want to consider changing your entrance mats with the season in order to pick different color schemes or pick mats that can adjust to seasonal weather, such as moisture resistant mats that can help in the winter and spring, when it’s frequently very damp.

You’ll also want to be seen as approachable. According to Small Business Trends, you may want to consider opening earlier and closing later than your immediate competition, so it will allow you to attract customers who may be looking for something but frustrated at the fact that nothing is open. Being known for convenience is a major selling point with customers, so this can attract a loyal base over time.

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