Lay down the logo mats for a clean office this fall

Stop dirt from ruining your floors.
Stop dirt from ruining your floors.

Keeping an office clean is a daily job, and the fall is a prime time for tracking in mud. As leaves all to the ground and people switch to their boots, there is more opportunity to track in leaves, outside moisture and other debris from the outside. However, putting a logo mat in your entryway can stop residue in its tracks.

Frequently bringing in residue can have a negative impact on your floor, wearing it down and in some cases leaving stains that are difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to extract. By laying out your logo mat, you are not only promoting your brand upon entry, but you are preventing the weather from getting the chance to damage your floors.

They can be much easier to clean as well. All of the dirt and other residue that gets stuck in the fibers of the mat can be extracted with the help of a vacuum. No need to whip out the floor polish and start scrubbing, these mats are low-maintenance and incredibly effective.

You may also want to consider purchasing multiple logo mats to keep in areas with heavy foot traffic. This can also help reduce slips and falls due to tracked in moisture.

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Having a brand behind your open office design

Are you adding personality to your space?
Are you adding personality to your space?

Today’s workplace is all about collaborative areas where workers can come together and collaborate on different initiatives. You want to make sure your space sticks to your brand. Have lots of marketing collateral that surrounds your employees and visitors with the vision behind the organization. Having logo mats in each collaborative area not only promotes the company, but also offer some personal branding.

According to American Express Open Forum, branding your office space is one of the best things you can do, as it helps cultivate a strong environment. The news source reports it is a great way to add some décor. The logo is what makes your company unique, and if you’re able to bring it out within your office decorations, your office space will stand out more than anyone else’s, and clients will take notice.

The Boston Globe reports a growing trend in office design is creating space where people can work cross-departmentally to get the job done. By taking away the status of meeting rooms, it allows for employees to feel more open to collaboration, according to the news provider.

If you are in the business of promoting collaboration, make sure that you have the design vision to bring it to life.

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How involved are you in the logo process?

You want your brand to speak for itself and if you’re just starting your small business, you need to clearly communicate the company’s value to its customers. Choosing a logo is the first step, and you need to make sure the design is everywhere. When a potential customer enters your office, the first thing they should notice is the logo mat. The logo should be prominently displayed at the reception desk. The logo needs to be on all of your business cards. It needs to have a presence.

With the logo being as important as it is, you want to stay involved in the design process. Businessweek reports the best graphic design clients are micromanagers who work with designers to make sure their vision is flushed out completely. Designers appreciate whenever managers work in tandem to execute the vision.

If you’re unsure of the direction you want to take but you want to have a collaborative process, Mashable suggests turning to online tools for logo design. There is plenty information available that can provide logo inspiration and help you articulate the message you’re trying to say through design. You might also want to consider asking other employees their thoughts on how the brand should be represented.

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Sticking with the right logo and logo mat for your business.

It seems as though in today’s business world, it’s all about reinvention. Keeping up with the Joneses has become a mainstay idea in the corporate world, and yet some brands could be in danger of losing their identity because of it. When a number of competitors think it’s a good idea to change their logo, you might be tempted. However, you’ve spent good money on perfecting your brand. Purchasing logo mats, business cards, signs, everything. It all goes back to the logo.

The Philadelphia Inquirer suggests that logos should be timeless. Picking a logo means you want it to be around for years, not opting to change it whenever you see fit. Not only could this be costly to your business, but it can also be confusing to your customers.

The news provider also suggests the logo should be able to represent your brand without explicitly stating it. That means leave the heavily worded text at home and stick to something simple.

The Huffington Post says that having a timeless logo is all about the basics. Choose a classic font that isn’t too busy and won’t be outdated in a few years. Keeping the overall design simple will also keep you from giving too much into logo trends, making for an overall classic look.

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