Thinking about your company when it comes to your logo mat.

Companies find that they need to reinvent themselves in order to keep up with business trends. Whether it’s creating new product lines, coming up with a different marketing plan or even hiring new roles, there is a thought process that goes into making any changes.

So before you go ahead and change the logo on everything from your entrance logo mat to your coffee mugs, you’ll want to pause to consider your messaging. Small Biz Trends reports there is a lot to consider before you can officially change your logo.

For example, is it one that will stand the changing times? Getting in on the latest design trends is one thing, but you don’t want your logo to feel outdated soon after getting it off the ground. The news provider also suggests making sure the logo reflects your values. Try to visualize what your company means – or is at least trying to portray – and try to put it on paper with the logo.

Interbrand reports that it’s difficult to determine why exactly the logo is so important, but managers should really think of it as a symbol. If you have the means, you may want to consider testing out a few different options on an audience before picking out a new look.

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Logo Mats help make your office a welcoming spot for your employees

When you’re building your new office, there are a lot of elements you need to think about. For one, you want to ensure that people can find your new location, so having an entrance mat with your logo clearly displayed is essential – particularly if you are sharing building space. Logo Mats will set your location apart from others

You also want your employees to feel comfortable while on the job. According to Reuters, there are a number of design opportunities you can take to make the space comfortable. If you’re starting from scratch, the news provider reports you’ll want to think about ceiling height, as it could help with conceptual thinking.

Additionally, you may want to consider creating an open environment, where workers can freely interact with each other. The source reports that being able to see someone increases the chances that you’ll interact with one another, or you’ll at least remember to meet up with them later.

Design & Trend agrees with the notion of having open spaces, and also letting more natural light into the space. As a way to make workers feel as though they’re not stuck in an office all day, many business owners are choosing to create more outdoor space, as well as offer natural night and plants around the office, which could have positive benefits on employee health.

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Decorating your personal space of the office

You should take a similar approach when it comes to decorating your own section of the company’s floor space. According to Life Hacker, you’ll want to feel more comfortable in the space, which is why you should take the comforts of home to the office. For example, setting up a rug near your desk area can give you a sense of home rather than the office. If you really want to show your team spirit, use a logo rug from your company.
The news provider also suggests using lamps to decorate your desk. This way, you can control the amount of light that goes into your cubicle, and the warm setting will seem inviting.
If you want to forget you’re in the office altogether, there are options. Castanet reports that it’s possible to tack wallpaper onto the cubicle walls. Not only will this change the entire gray scale of your office area, but your cubicle will stand out from the rest.

Benefits of Custom Logo Floor Mats

Make a good first impression with one of our custom logo floor mats. One of the first things any customer will notice when they enter your business is a floor mat. While at first they may take it for granted, there is far more than meets the eye. For example, a logo mat is far more than a place for customers to wipe their dirty feet. While they are a generous welcome curtsey, a custom logo floor mat also provides the opportunity to visually promote your brand to your customers while keeping your business looking clean and professional.

Let’s face it, mats are a necessity for every operating business. They offer protection and safety for both your employees and customers by keeping floors clean and dry. And they can make life easier on your maintenance staff when keeping the building clean. Not to mention your customers thank you for promoting safety. Custom logo floor mats provide a professional touch to any business and show that you went the extra mile to ensure your customers feel comfortable in your building.

When looking for the right logo mat for your business, you should consider price and quality. That being said, look for a logo mat made with high quality materials and fabrics. Also consider longevity as well as attractiveness. After all, your mat must be able to withstand a lot of abuse, so don’t waste your time with low quality products. Our custom logo floor mats are colorful and personalized to match your brand identify. And they are well made, attractive and will compliment any room décor.

Whether your customers know it or not, they are taking in everything they see, including your floor mats. Our custom logo mats will provide you with the opportunity to reinforce your brand while offering protection for your customers and floors.