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Keep your warehouse floors clean and safe

How often do you keep up with routine maintenance of your warehouse floors? It can be easy to let it slide, particularly because the warehouse is typically only visible to employees and usually concrete floors. However, adding anti-fatigue mats to … Continue reading

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On your feet in the restaurant business may be good for health

Working in the restaurant industry, you’re constantly on your feet. Whether you’re cooking and running around the kitchen or waiting on patrons, you don’t sit too often when working in a restaurant. Because of this, managers frequently have anti-fatigue mats … Continue reading

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Entrance mats can help make your floors shine like new.

Maintaining floors can be a challenge, particularly when it’s a wet season like winter or spring. With customers and employees alike coming in and staining the floors, it’s important to make cleaning a priority. While having a cleaning crew can … Continue reading

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