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Try to find efficiencies around the kitchen

Working in a restaurant can mean spending long hours standing, ultimately having an effect on your feet and joints. While anti-fatigue mats can rubber-soled shoes can help, because they both reduce the strain placed on joints while standing on hard … Continue reading

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Restaurant managers struggle to find enough workers to fill their ranks

Restaurant managers need to always be on the lookout for proficient workers to add to their roster. The food sector is always steady, and there need to be employees to line the anti-fatigue mats of the kitchen to accommodate all … Continue reading

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Organizations need to make fall prevention a priority

Are you up to date with your worker safety training program? It’s critical to make sure you have a healthy and safe working environment, but unfortunately a lot of organizations can fall behind. Safety and Health Magazine reports that the … Continue reading

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Keep back pain at bay when on your feet

If you’re on your feet at work all day, you may notice you start to get some aches and pains in your arches and heels. However, there can be long-term impact on your joints and other body parts that ultimately … Continue reading

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