Restaurants change up their servers’ compensation

Cushion mats can add to comfort.
Cushion mats can add to comfort.

Restaurant jobs are some of the hardest in the business. Those who work in the service industry frequently stand on kitchen mats in an effort to ease their comfort levels from standing for long periods at a time. Additionally, servers are running back and forth to different tables, to the kitchen and to the bar, trying to make guests’ experience as nice as possible.

While common courtesy is to give a tip in appreciation, some restaurants are changing up the model. According to the Washington Post, some restaurants are getting rid of tips altogether to ensure that their servers are paid well. Some restaurant managers said that they felt as though they should be in charge of making sure their servers are well compensated, and not leaving it up to the patrons to decide.

With this system, servers won’t have to be as nervous that customers take out negative experiences on them. If something was wrong in the kitchen, servers are frequently the people to have to answer for it. This method will ensure that they continue to get a steady income.

CBS News reports this trend is not new. Last year, some restaurants generated buzz for their no-tipping policy, because they wanted to ensure that their workers felt comfortable with their take-home pay each week.

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Restaurant industry traffic increases for third consecutive month

With the busy restaurant season means long hours, and restaurant owners will want to consider buying anti-fatigue mats for their kitchen staff so they can not only reduce the amount of slips on the job, but also keep workers comfortable as they are on the job for several hours at a time.

November was a busy month for the restaurant industry, as people all over were looking to get out of their kitchens and eat at their own convenience. National Restaurant News reports that same-store sales for the industry have increased three months in a row. However, November’s growth was a slight drop from October.

However, the news provider is quick to point out that because of the different weekend Thanksgiving fell on this year in comparison to 2012, it will be counted in December’s total, rather than November’s. This takes away a major indicator of traffic.

Although the holiday numbers are too soon to call, indications show that 2014 may be a great year for the food service industry. According to Convenience Store News, consumer research firm the NPD Group is predicting a 3 percent increase in sales for the 2014. The news provider reports the growth will really be felt in fast-casual establishments, sandwich shops and gourmet cafes.

Adjusting to a busy restaurant season with new Kitchen Mats

The holiday season is a busy one for most sectors, but the food industry may be seeing an especially large increase in traffic. With the heightened number of customers, kitchen staff may want to lay down some anti-fatigue mats to keep the longer shifts bearable on the feet. Because restaurants are working with fewer days during the holiday season, they could make up for it in hours.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the country’s restaurants are expecting a surge in business during the holiday season. However, because there are six fewer days due to a late Thanksgiving, many restaurant owners are finding themselves having to get creative with their planning, so all consumers can leave happy.

Restaurant managers told the news provider that because stores are staying open longer to bring in the crowds, certain restaurant establishments may consider following suit in order to increase their customer traffic.

This trend isn’t surprising, according to the National Restaurant Association, approximately 79 million people were expected to dine out on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Going out to eat during the holiday season has become a popular pastime for many, particularly families without homes big enough to host a number of members. It also takes all the hassle out of planning a large meal. Chefs will need to be on their toes in the coming weeks in order to deal with demand.

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Keeping your Restaurant Sustainable

When it comes to creating a restaurant design, it’s important that bosses not only take the guests’ view into consideration, but also that of their workers.

Having a sustainable business is critical, and it’s important that the design of your eatery reflects it. For example, do you have anti-fatigue kitchen mats available to your staff so they don’t get tired? What about energy-efficient light bulbs to keep costs down? These measures are what keeps restaurants ahead of their competitors when it comes to sustainable practices.

The National Restaurant Association suggests keeping certain electrical users off when they aren’t in use as a way to save money. Additionally, using environmentally friendly furniture can also help with the sustainability of your business.

The news provider also reports that you’ll want to train your employees in how they can do their part to conserve energy.

In order to make sure your restaurant runs to the best of its ability, it’s also a good idea to make sure you have the right staff on hand. According to Food Service Warehouse, taking into account your restaurant capacity, the layout of your kitchen and when your peak serving time is can help you properly allocate the amount of staff you have on at any given time.

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