Keep employees safe with heightened risks in the winter

Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to ensure safety.
The winter months can mean a burden for the cleaning crew, as people track in salt, water and snow that wreaks havoc on the flooring of any building. Not only is this problematic from a facilities standpoint, but it could be putting employees in safety jeopardy as they are unaware of the excess moisture and accidentally slip and fall.

According to SFM, winter can be a real hazard for employees, and it’s important for facilities managers to be on top of the slipping risks around the workplace. It’s never too early to start preparing, and the news provider reports that getting a plan in place even before a storm hits can be huge.

One way to stay prepared is through flooring. Anti-fatigue mats can help, because they provide extra traction, and even if moisture is tracked on, the texture helps employees feel confident as they walk by. Occupational Health and Safety reports that you’ll also want to educate employees on slipping and tripping hazards so they’re more alert. When employees are more aware of their surroundings, the news provider reports they tend to be more prepared and agile as they move throughout the workplace, which could prepare them if they happen to slip and reduce the chance of injury.

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When it comes to working, is it better to sit or stand?

Anti-fatigue mats can help ease the burden of standing.

There have been numerous studies on working long hours and trying to combat worker fatigue and reduce pain. However, there’s an important balancing aspect that many workers may feel can be challenging – finding time to both sit and stand during the day. It’s not good to stay in one position all day, so change is important.

Safety and Health Magazine reports that finding a balance is important to keep any health conditions associated with prolonged sitting and standing at bay. Because there have been studies that have found benefits or drawbacks to both, it makes sense to have a combination. If you spend the majority of your day sitting, try to get up and go for walks or stand and stretch throughout the day. Vice versa, jobs that require you to be on your feet most of the day means you should take time to sit and catch a breather.

No matter what position you’re in most of the day, you can take extra steps to ensure comfort. Family Health Trust reports anti-fatigue mats can help make standing more comfortable, because the rubber helps reduce pressure on the joints and makes it more comfortable to stand for long periods of time.

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Make employees aware of safety hazards with clear signage

Anti-fatigue mats are another way to promote safety.

Employee safety should be one of the top concerns of running a business, and warehouse managers need to take it seriously. It’s critical to make sure the working environment is a safe one for all employees, and it starts with raising awareness to hazards.

Modern Materials Handing reports signage is critical in alerting workers to potential safety hazards. The news provider reports you need to make sure that when hanging up signs to warn of dangers, you need to ensure that all employees understand what the signage means. Consider holding quizzes during your regular safety training, and be sure everyone is on the same page with the right answer.

In addition to having proper signage around, there are other ways you can make safety a priority for those on the job. Making sure the floor is clear from any slipping hazards can really bolster employee safety. Whether due to a spill, general wear or residue brought in due to foot traffic, slipping on the job is a big safety hazard, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Hazard signs can alert passersby, but it’s also a good idea to have anti-fatigue mats on the floor, as they provide extra grip that helps prevent people from falling.

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Organizations need to make fall prevention a priority

Add anti-fatigue mats to keep fall prevention at the forefront.

Are you up to date with your worker safety training program? It’s critical to make sure you have a healthy and safe working environment, but unfortunately a lot of organizations can fall behind.

Safety and Health Magazine reports that the most common violations for safety is the general requirements for fall protection at number one, and the training requirements for fall protection at number eight. To avoid being penalized for violations, and to avoid paying for an injured employee, it’s critical that you make fall prevention a priority.

In addition to having a training program, you may want to consider having anti-fatigue mats on-site, which can add some traction and help people keep their balance, preventing potential falls.

The Mayo Clinic suggests there are other ways you can reduce the chances of an employee falling while on the job, like making a clear pathway and keeping the workplace clear at all times. Remove boxes, plugs and other raised items that could unintentionally trip someone who isn’t looking where they are going. Additionally, making sure the workplace is well-lit, so employees can see the path in front of them, can help identify any potential tripping hazards that could lead to a fall.

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