Effects of Salon Products on Beauty Salon Floor Mats

Hair stylists are frequently on their feet all day, leaving them with aching feet and wishing they could find relief. Salons that use anti-fatigue mats will not only help keep their staff comfortable, but also keep the salon as a whole a safe place to be.

Hair products can frequently fall and spill while on the job, making the floor slippery. It’s important to have beauty salon mats throughout the salon to prevent falls, as well as in the front to prevent dirt, water and grime from coming in from outside. Additionally, all the chemicals in hair sprays and other products can build up residue on the floor, making it dingy over time. Protect your workers and your floor with a salon mat.

In addition to keeping workers comfortable, some salon products could have stronger effects than others. Having these portable mats is important, as it allows the salon workers to put on gloves and clean the mat appropriately. Make sure all workers are trained in the event of a chemical spill. However, buying specific anti-fatigue mats that are resistant to most chemicals is the way to go, since you won’t have to worry about lingering affects even after you’ve cleaned up the mess.

What’s the worst thing that has ever spilled in your salon and how did you handle the spill?

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