Create awareness for workplace hazards

Anti-fatigue mats promote a culture of safety.
When you’re on the job, you may not be aware of all the hazards that are in the workplace. Anti-fatigue mats can help employees stay safe, because they add an extra grip, so even if there’s a spill on the floor, people can get by without slipping and falling. Good lighting can also help expose potential hazards while on the job.

Showing visual examples is a great way to encourage a culture of safety. According to Safety and Health Magazine, creating visual representation for what hazards are in the workplace. The news provider reports that visuals are a way to cut through the noise and gets the point across without making people read into what it means.

It’s important when creating a culture of safety that you’re able to effectively communicate all the hazards in ways that speak to every employee and how they retain information. However, you need to make sure the posters are not doing all the work.

Forbes reports in order to have a strong culture of safety in the workplace, it goes beyond creating slogans and posters, but encouraging all employees to get involved. By making safety a part of your workplace culture, frequent conversations can help drive home the point of being aware in the workplace.

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Have an effective strategy for keeping your restaurant workers safe

Anti-fatigue mats can help in the kitchen.
Working in the restaurant industry makes for a fast-paced environment, but if you’re not careful it can also be a dangerous one. Being around multiple hazards in the workplace, while getting fast-paced and crammed during the particularly busy periods, restaurant employees could find themselves more susceptible to injuries if they are not careful.

According to Food Engineering Magazine, it’s important for restaurant managers to keep their employees safe and comfortable while on the job. Anti-fatigue mats can help, because they can reduce the chances of a person falling, while keeping joints comfortable despite long hours of standing. Slippery floors are one of the biggest hazards that could happen to restaurant employees, so it’s critical to make sure that you’re reducing the chances of someone falling while on the job. The news provider reports the best way to be successful in workplace safety is to look for effective ergonomic solutions.

The National Restaurant Association reports that slipping while on the job is one of the biggest risks employees face while on the job. It’s critical to make sure you have anti-fatigue mats to add traction to the workspace, ensuring your employees are safe while they’re running around in the busy kitchen.

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Keep safety in mind during the busy holiday season

Anti-fatigue mats can reduce slips.

The holiday season typically means bringing on a whole new workforce in an effort to deal with the demand. Because hiring increases so much and it’s such a busy time, the typical safety training that comes with onboarding may not happen as it normally would.

Modern Material Handling reports the holiday season is usually when worker safety becomes a bigger issue for most companies, because there is not enough time to adequately train employees on safety hazards in the workforce. Additionally, everyone is moving around at a hurried pace and it could leave them susceptible to potential injuries they may not have otherwise met during normal business time.

Additionally, the news source reports because it’s such a busy time, workers may be met with having to lift more items than a regular shift worker, and if they’re not properly trained, they could be putting themselves at risk for injury.

However, there are things you can do to help prevent certain safety issues at work. Adding anti-fatigue mats to the floors are a great way to reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling while on the job. Safety and Health Magazine reports that slips can happen when there is not enough friction on the floors, and adding anti-fatigue mats is a way to add some traction.

Foot exercises can help combat pain

Standing Desk Mat

If you’re standing a lot, you may notice that you start to feel pain in your joints from all the pressure. Anti-fatigue mats can help with that, as they provide an extra layer of cushion that is not as severe as a hard floor, ultimately helping your joints adjust to the long periods spent standing.

Good shoes can help, too, as they provide an added layer of support that will keep your feet comfortable no matter how long you stand for. However, if you tend to experience pain in the feet from time to time, you’re not alone. But there are exercises available that can help you feel as good as new.

The New York Post reports placing a ball under your foot and moving it back and forth between the ball and heel of the foot for 30 seconds can help massage the muscles and relieve pain. Repeat on the other foot as needed.

Everyday Health also suggests raising one leg at a time and taking turns between pointing your toe and flexing your foot. By doing these small movements, you can help stretch out the smaller muscles in your foot that can be harder to reach, but still important to your comfort levels.

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