Be strategic about how you setup your startup space

What kind of tone are you setting in your office?

You’ve decided to get your business off the ground. Great. Now you just need a space for it. Roll out the logo mat and welcome potential new customers and teammates to your new venture. You need to make sure your space is inviting, but you also have to strategize the kind of overall vibe you’d like the workspace to have.

Entrepreneur reports that you need to be strategic about the kind of space you set up for your startup. You should want employees to feel as though they can collaborate with each other and make guests feel welcomed upon entering. The news source suggests having a large reception area, which can also double as a lounge area. This way, employees feel like they can take a break in between working hard.

Forbes is quick to point out that the kind of space you set up may depend on the building. Older structures typically have restrictive offices and tighter quarters, while newer designs lend themselves well for big open spaces, reception areas and meeting rooms. It all depends on the kind of tone you’re trying to set. So be mindful when you’re looking at real estate for your business venture.

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