Build your brand from the beginning

Your name and logo can leave lasting impressions.

Starting a business from scratch? You want to be strategic when trying to pick a name. This will be everywhere from your business cards to your entrance mats, so you want to make sure that you’re branding yourself in a way that will be familiar to your potential customers and business partners.

Inc. suggests trying to think strategically about what you want to convey to those you partner with. It’s all about identity, so try and think about how your business will identify with the service or product you provide. The news provider suggests building a brainstorm off of this exercise and thinking about different names, asking for feedback along the way. However, the news provider cautions over being too literal, because your business might expand overtime and that would make its name outdated.

Once you have a company name in mind, it’s time to move on to the logo. Again, think of what you want the entrance mat to look like for customers and partners first walking through the door. Forbes suggests looking into the kinds of emotions that colors evoke and planning out your color scheme from there. Also choosing a font that’s easy to read can be helpful in achieving recognition once people become familiar with your company.

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