Double down on entrance mats to keep your floors clean

Having two mats at each entrance can keep floors clean.

If you want to keep your cleaning costs down, entrance mats are a great way to reduce the amount of dirt and moisture that comes from outside. By putting an entrance mat outside to catch any of the loose dirt first, and then having a second one in the lobby to reduce and absorb the moisture that might be tracked in, you’ll keep your floors much cleaner.

Having double entrance mats can help keep the weather where it belongs – outside. It’s a good idea for building managers to not only have two at each entrance, but also extras on hand in the event they get too weighed down by dirt and water. This way, you can clean them every once and a while but you don’t have to worry about your floors being unprotected.

The more entrance mats you have on hand, the more peace of mind you’ll have that your floors are clean. Being sure to buy logo mats with absorption capabilities can help retain moisture and keep it where it should be, away from the floor. This can also help keep any visitors from experiencing falls if they’re entering during a particularly hazardous weather day.

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