Picking the right entrance mat for the weather

With winter wrapping up and the snow beginning to melt, there is a lot of moisture on the ground. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents within your store – it is important to keep your customers safe. In addition to having “wet floor” signs around the area to alert your customers, it’s also important to choose an entrance mat that will help absorb all the moisture coming in from outside.

If you’re looking for an entrance mat that will soak up all the moisture in the entranceway, look no further than the Aqua-Trap mat. Not only does this mat seep up any water or dirt it comes into contact with, but it prevents moisture from leaking out of it when it is stepped on. One of the dangers of some mats is puddles begin to form around them, but this keeps the moisture held in.

Another mat that is sure to keep your customers safe is the Waterhog Eco Grade Elite looks stylish in any office, is made of eco-friendly materials and its pattern can clean the bottoms of shoes, so people who are walking in do no track in dirt, mud and water after they pass the entryway.

Adding a mat to your entranceway is not only a great way to greet people, but also keep them safe.

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