Think about the lobby when mapping out your office design

Make a great first impression.

When designing your office, you want the reception area to feel as welcoming as possible. This means rolling out the entrance mats and making the entryway inviting. This is your first opportunity to make an impression, and potential customers and business partners alike may unknowingly judge the second they walk through the door.

Bizfluent reports you’ll want to think about the kind of look you’re going for and make sure it’s present in the lobby in particular. You can have different themes depending on what kind of room, but it is critical to make sure you’re as cohesive as possible in the lobby. This sets the initial tone when people set foot inside your office.

The news provider also reports that you want to make sure you have slip-resistant tile in order to prevent any unnecessary spills. Having an entrance mat can help with that.

Entrepreneur reports you want to have your logo as soon as people walk in. Whether you have a sign on the wall, a logo mat, or both, you don’t want your visitors to think they’re anywhere other than in your business. This way, customers can make sure they know where they are at all times.

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