Add a healthy routine to your standing desk

Anti-fatigue mats can ease the burden of standing.

Making the move to a standing desk is considered a step in the right direction for those who are looking to be healthier. Adding anti-fatigue mats can help ease the pain on the joints, helping people prolong their standing time pain-free. While there haven’t been studies to link actual health benefits to prolonged standing, there is the argument it inspires people to exercise more and helps increase blood flow.

In addition to adopting a standing desk lifestyle, there are other moves you can make that will overall benefit your wellbeing. reports adding a fitness tracker to your routine will remind you to keep moving throughout the day. Whether you’re taking standing or sitting breaks, it’s a good idea to try and get some steps in to help with energy levels and getting some basic exercise.

While there may not be concrete health benefits to simply standing, there are some things that benefit your overall quality of life. According to Fortune, people who spend the entire day sitting may not be as productive and could have overall lower energy levels. You may want to consider changing up your routine to keep your energy levels strong and your production up.

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