Add anti-fatigue mats to improve traction and appearance in your busy store

Anti-fatigue mats can help when there’s a lot of foot traffic.

If you’re planning to welcome in a lot of visitors during the holiday shopping season, you may want to consider adding more traction to your flooring, as lots of foot traffic can make a floor slippery. Additionally, if weather conditions outside are poor, chances of residue being tracked in is high.

Adding anti-fatigue mats to your entryway and areas of heavy foot traffic is a great precaution to take to ensure that people do not accidentally slip and fall while visiting your store. The rubber mats add traction to the floor and can also absorb moisture without increasing someone’s chances of slipping.

Not only are these mats a great way to promote safety in your shop, they’re also easy to clean. If you find they’re building up residue from all the foot traffic, simply wipe them down with a wet cloth and allow to dry. This no-fuss method is a great alternative to messing up your expensive flooring. Consider having these mats at any entrance and paths that have seen a lot of foot traffic, including behind the register – because the rubber relieves pressure on the joints, which is beneficial for your employees working long hours.

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