Add warehouse floors to your maintenance routine

Anti-fatigue mats can increase your floor’s lifespan.

You think about the shelf life of your material handling equipment and will frequently check that other maintenance needs are being met. However, do you think about the actual structure of the warehouse itself, such as the floors? With gradual wear, it can be easy for floors to experience scuff and longer-term issues that affect the overall structure.

According to Modern Materials Handling, damaged floors can ultimately lead to costly repairs and in some cases, shut downs to address the severity of the issue. Additionally, the news provider reports that a floor that’s neglected will not have as long of a lifespan as one in a facility where it’s cared for.

One way you can protect your warehouse flooring is to use anti-fatigue mats over large swaths of the floor, the areas that are frequently the most trafficked. The rubber helps protect the concrete from any scrapes or spills that could damage the foundation or stain the floor.

Additionally, having rubber floor mats is not only a way to preserve your flooring, but also prevent injuries while on the job, according to Safety and Health Magazine. Because they offer extra traction, people have more of a grip when they walk.

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