Come up with a communications plan around safety

Adding anti-fatigue mats are a way to add traction.

How often are you communicating with your team about the importance of safety? Running a safe workspace goes beyond adding signs around the office. Instead, it’s about adding traction to the floors with anti-fatigue mats to prevent slips, clearing paths from clutter and regularly inspecting equipment to make sure it’s not only performing correctly, but also won’t unintentionally injure someone on the job.

It also coincides with the kind of workplace culture you try and reflect in your own leadership. According to EHS Today, communication is key for keeping employees safe, and continuously checking in on a routine basis that employees aren’t experiencing hazards at work or feel comfortable alerting you if something is wrong can go a long way. Additionally, you should have support staff who can also lend an ear if there is a safety concern.

It’s also important to develop a cadence for reporting. According to EHS Daily Advisor, if too much information is being communicated around safety, it can be easy for it to be lost in the shuffle. Additionally, you need to make sure your message is clear and concise, otherwise it could be left up to interpretation, and not be met with the attention that it deserves.

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