Exercises and stretching can help make standing at work easier

Anti-fatigue mats offer relief.

If you’re noticing you have joint and muscle pain due to standing long hours at work, you’re not alone, it’s incredibly common and an issue many need to address. Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to offer comforted support, and the cushioning is easier on the joints. The right footwear can help as well, because they can help keep the feet supported, which in turn supports the rest of the body.

In addition to trying to make standing more comfortable, there are exercises you can do in order to tolerate it more. According to ABC Net, building endurance can help you avoid nagging pain and injury. The key is to strengthen your muscles so they’re more equipped to support the rest of your body. The news provider suggests doing exercises such as lunges, heel raises and squats, all of which work out different leg muscles.

These are exercises you can do at home and in some cases, even while you’re standing at work during a break. You’ll also want to increase your stretching routine. According to Livestrong, stretching can bring relief for when your muscles are already feeling the strain from standing – or if you challenged yourself to a particularly hard workout.

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